RADAR's three critical user groups - Organization Admin, Project Admin and Project users have benefitted from RADAR's flexibility and reliability

1.  Review based approach
2.  Discovery of quality delimiters at the earliest stages
3.  Effective tracking mechanism of defined quality indicators

Project delivery on time and within budget

Timely excellence
1. 3-Level Security - Login, Field Level and Menu Level
2.  Project meta data reports & SLA based reports
3.  Management reports & dashboards

Achieve organization objectives and avoids risk

Reduce cost
1. Metrics driven
2. Adherence to ISO/IEEE guidelines and practices

Achieve early improvement in quality

Enhances quality
1. Web based solution
2. Powerful administration features
3. Easy integration with neighboring systems

Extremely user friendly and easy-to-use tool

Allows defects to be associated with reviews - artifacts are associated to reviews - one-person and group review details - grouping defects and Metrics analysis.
Access - anywhere - scalable architecture to meet the needs of a big organization.
Field customization at corporate and product / department levels - user can add and customize review and defect screens to suit the Corporate and Project needs.
Allows uploading of files and attaching them to a defect. Attachments can be viewed or deleted for a particular defect.
Carefully selected Search criteria for displaying the review and defect list.
Implements Login level, Menu level and Field level security
Using the easy to use Query Wizard, user can define queries on reviews and defects and run it.
Based on the Mail options set at the Project / Dept level project users will be notified about the defects in their respective projects.
Component based architecture. N-Tier model where the data objects are easily customizable - reduced implementation cycle.
Can be accessed from a centralized server for the whole company or distributed to various departments / projects - Can be installed even on a single laptop!
Exports the results to Excel for detailed analysis.Flexible to add more reports on request.
Supports any ODBC compliant database - currently supports SQL Server 7.0, Oracle 8.1.6 and MS-Access 97 - can have Single database for a project, group of projects/departments or even one database for the company.
Allows Remote maintenance with Corporate Administration, Project Administration and User administration modules.
Exporting Reports and Queries to Excel format.
Easy navigation with '3 Click' model.
List all the reviews related to the User logged in under various buckets customizable to display the preferred buckets.
Supports audit trail for key fields in Review and Defect. Options can be set to activate logging at Project/Department level.
Help options are grouped under Corporate Admin,Project Admin and Normal User modules for easy reference. Help is arranged based on the FAQ, which helps the user to access the help easily.
One click installation allows you to start using the product.