RADAR diminishes the criticality of a project by tracking, communicating and resolving the defects at earlier stages of a project life cycle which optimizes the cost by attaining sustained quality. It ensures top quality by following the ideology of defect management. It is being continuously improved, setting increasingly higher quality benchmarks. RADAR differentiator is derived from Review based.

When Radar is needed?

When quality is critical, RADAR is essential.

How RADAR is different from other tools?

One application many users. RADAR has features like Cross Project Customization, Field dependency configuration, Integration with other tools, SLA based reports and escalation matrix, Advanced query generator which differs from the other tools.

How RADAR helps me reduce the cost of Quality?

RADAR helps in reducing the cost of fixing defect by discovering, tracking, communicating and resolving the defect at the early stage of a project life cycle as RADAR differentiator is derived from Review Based.

How companies leverage from RADAR?

RADAR is used by many multinationals in various ways. Following are the type of scenarios normally companies use:

  1. Global delivery model - Effective tracking mechanism between multiple locations, onsite/offshore
  2. Multi - vendor performance management - single collaborative media where various vendors work closely on the projects and the client evaluates the performance of each vendor
  3. A best tool for any quality certification initiatives and process improvements such as ISO/IEEE

What makes RADAR easy to user?

Customizable screens and fields, 3 - levels of security, customized workflow and easy installation makes RADAR easy to use.

Can RADAR be customized as per the requirement s of an Enterprise?

Yes, RADAR can be customized as per the enterprise requirements.

How to get technical / customer support for RADAR?

The technical or customer support is available through email or telephone. You can email queries to radar@cosmonetsolutions.com or dial +91 80 28 60 77 44

Can RADAR be used in any other industry apart from Information Technology?

As it has wide uses numerous industries are using RADAR. For example a leading automobile manufacturer has been using RADAR in their IT division.

Does RADAR works offline?

Yes, RADAR works topingly both online and offline.