RADAR is an intuitive, web based solution that helps an organization to track, communicate, analyze and resolve defects in a project/product lifecycle, employing the review based model that follows ISO/IEEE guidelines and practices

More than 75,000 RADAR users worldwide have measured cost benefits through early defect detection

Review Based Quality Monitoring System

RADAR deploys a mature framework to identify defects at early stages, deliver flexibility and easy features that reduce the effort to integrate with on-site applications or neighboring systems

Ensure Top Quality, Zero Defect Delivery

RADAR assists in implementation of quality processes to manage projects/products in accordance with ISO/IEEE guidelines and practices to ensure least minimum defect delivery

Cost Effective, Speed and Better ROI

Across the world, RADAR users endorse the application's reliability in delivering the desired business results with quality, flexibility and risk moderation
New from the Cosmonet Suite

Radar Suite 3.0 launch scheduled summer 2014 with loads of new features. Some of them being, extended collaboration tools, built in analytics for easy identification of risks and hidden defects, Multi channel interface - which lets you seamlessly continue work when transitioning from one device to another. Enhanced query builder and import facility and many more.....